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Parties In Clubpenguin

baloons.gif I don’t think I ever mentioned this to you, but what’s an activity without parties!?Clubpenguin has many fun parties!If you check out ”The Penguin Times”, which of course is the Clubpenguin newspaper that comes out every Thursday, you can find upcoming events which is on a page, you can find out the upcoming parties.There are sometimes items, pins, and some more you can get in parties.Remember to check out ”The Penguin Times”, and see the new upcoming parties.Oh yeah, sometimes The Penguin Times don’t always show the parties.But in another case, you understand.Bye!




all-pins1.jpg I don’t know if I said anything about so called”pins”.”Pins” are items in Clubpenguin that you have to find.They are free.They are released every 2 weeks, and could be found anywhere in Clubpenguin.When you find it, it will be in your inventory, and you put it in the top left hand side of your player card!There really cool.My first ”pin” was a red diamond from a pirate party in early 2007, and I circled it in the picture above.It was released a while ago.Oh yeah, ”pins” don’t come back.There have been many ”pins” in the past of Clubpenguin.If you click on other penguins player cards, you might be able to see there ”pin” that they have.Remember, they come out every 2 weeks, and could be anything.People use them maybe to show how lond they have been around for, and more reasons.Here is a picture of some past ”pins” in Clubpenguin.Sorry the picture is a little blurry.Cag97 signing off!


Help Me!

 All my fans of this website.It would really be great,and helpful if you can please try your best to tell your friends, family whoever about my website.I’m trying to get more hits, and if I reach a goal, I might have a party in Clubpenguin.So, everyone is invited.But this can only be possible if I get more hits.Comment below saying the name of your wordpress, or website, and I will help you get more hits.I will always have something new on my website.So if you understand, I’d be really thankful if you helped me.As you all should know, my website is ””.And, remember to comment how you think my wordpress is anytime.So bye everyone, and I’ll see you all in Clubpenguin!



year-2008.jpg Well, it’s 2008, the new year!I am so happy!If you check out Clubpenguin, there’s fireworks at the Iceburg, and there’s fireworks at the Mountain, and maybe there’s some fireworks at some other places.Me, and a lot of people are very happy!I hope 2008, me and everyone, have good luck, and more.So, bye everyone and of course I forgot to say everyone have a, HAPPY NEW YEAR!I’ll see you all in Clubpenguin!


Secret Rooms in Clubpenguin

map.jpg Hey, did you know that there are secret rooms in Clubpenguin?Well if you did’nt, there is.They is ”The Dojo”, ”The Mine Shack”, ”The Iceburg”, ”Underground”, ”The Boiler Room”, ”The Cave”, and ”The Mine”.So this is about secret rooms in Clubpenguin, and what those rooms are.Sorry, but this picture is a little blury, but you get the idea.


”The Dojo”

 ”The Dojo” is a room high up in the mountains.It has many purposes, like parties sometimes, wars, and some more fun stuff.People mostly like ”the Dojo” for all the wars that take place there.Like I said, there are a lot of armies!I also like ”the Dojo” for these reasons.So this is ”the Dojo”, and what it’s used for.Cya in Clubpenguin penguins.



billybob2.jpg There are some ”Moderators”.Now, ”Moderators” are the people who run Clubpenguin.There names are, Aunt Arctic, Billybob, Screenhog, Rockhopper, Rsnail, Gizmo, and Happy77.The ”Moderators” are also the people who ban you from Clubpenguin sometimes if you do something really bad, or wrong.You know.They also have a badge on there player card that has an M on it.So this is about ”Moderators”.


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