Clubpenguins Age

 Clubpenguin was made in Canada in October 2005.It suprisingly doesn’t look the same as it did back then.It looks way different not really a lot though.There wasnt as much rooms, and fewer games.I wasn’t around that long, but from, and everything, I just know all this stuff.That’s really all I wanted to tell you.O yeah, sorry I havn’t been posting a lot, i’ve been REALLY busy.Bye!



3 Responses to “Clubpenguins Age”

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Hi!I'm Cag97.I'm of course, the owner of this site!Thats my nickname on Clubpenguin!I hang out at the Dock a lot, and have many friends.I also hang at Mammoth server.I hope I see you on Clubpenguin.I be peoples buddy if, I know them, there famous, or your nice to me, and my friends.O ya and if you hang out with me a alot on Clubpenguin.Bye!O ya and, do not copy from the page! Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

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