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”The Dojo”

 ”The Dojo” is a room high up in the mountains.It has many purposes, like parties sometimes, wars, and some more fun stuff.People mostly like ”the Dojo” for all the wars that take place there.Like I said, there are a lot of armies!I also like ”the Dojo” for these reasons.So this is ”the Dojo”, and what it’s used for.Cya in Clubpenguin penguins.



billybob2.jpg There are some ”Moderators”.Now, ”Moderators” are the people who run Clubpenguin.There names are, Aunt Arctic, Billybob, Screenhog, Rockhopper, Rsnail, Gizmo, and Happy77.The ”Moderators” are also the people who ban you from Clubpenguin sometimes if you do something really bad, or wrong.You know.They also have a badge on there player card that has an M on it.So this is about ”Moderators”.


New Things

 Now, don’t think this post is about the new items in Clubpenguin.It’s about the items and catalogs.I love new items and stuff coming into Clubpenguin. I mostly like clothing catalog releases in Clubpenguin.I love collecting old, but rare and cool items.There’s free items, pins, cool clothing catalogs, cool furniture catalogs, at paties there are some some cool stuff, and way much more!So here you have it.


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Hi!I'm Cag97.I'm of course, the owner of this site!Thats my nickname on Clubpenguin!I hang out at the Dock a lot, and have many friends.I also hang at Mammoth server.I hope I see you on Clubpenguin.I be peoples buddy if, I know them, there famous, or your nice to me, and my friends.O ya and if you hang out with me a alot on Clubpenguin.Bye!O ya and, do not copy from the page! Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

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